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But I went into a little more detail below:


University of Missouri - Columbia | 2016 - May 2019

I was accepted into the Romance Languages Master's program at Mizzou, to continue my Spanish studies after completing my degrees. One of the best benefits of my Graduate Assistantship with Mizzou Soccer is continuing my education back at the ZOU. If you’d like to discuss Afro-Cuban poetry, I’m literally a master of Spanish literature so I’m super game to discuss.

University of Missouri - Columbia | 2011 - 2013

My first two years of college were spent in the University of Missouri School of Journalism, so a chunk of the foundation of my Journalism experience and development came here. Learning first hand at the J-School in the country, working two years at the student run newspaper The Maneater, and gaining the experience within the "traditional" medium I believe adds value to my developed skills and education.

University of Missouri - Kansas City | 2013 - 2016

My final three years of school are being completed on the University of Missouri - Kansas City campus after my parents welcomed my baby brother to our family. Continuing my Missouri education, closer to home, allowed for closer and more continual work in the professional sports world with my internship with Sporting Kansas City. There, well here in KC, I was educated in the classroom, and then again in practice when following my supervisors at Sporting KC. The dual learning of lecture and then implementation definitely created the skills I have developed today.

Additionally, I turned my Mizzou Journalism major/Spanish minor into a full dual major profile at UMKC. With a focus in Spanish literature, I cultivated my abilities in class and in practice with Sporting Kansas City's international players, and two months abroad, studying in Granada, Spain the summer of 2015.   

professional experience

Sporting News - Social Media Intern | May 2019 - Present

After applying for and being selected as a 2019 Association for Women in Sports Media Scholar, I joined Sporting News as they partnered with AWSM. I graduated May 17th and I was in Charlotte by the 20th. I’m so grateful for SN selecting me, I had never NOT worked for a team before so I wanted to try my hand at being on the other side of the post game scrum barricade.

I’ve pitched and wrote stories, I created and ran the content plan for the 2019 Women’s World Cup, I sent fire content from brand accounts with upwards of 1,846,613 followers and I was sent to live events to meet Panthers fans and soccer fans and even Cooper Kupp’s grandparents!

Mizzou Soccer - Director of Multimedia | July 2016 - May 2019

I had the best Graduate Assistantship in the world, working for my university's soccer team. As the Director of Multimedia, I was responsible for all internal video and photo production. I was the main coordinator of our YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat accounts, and I assisted in game day production as well as external communications.

Major League Soccer - Freelance Social Media Coordinator | June 2016 - March 2017

After a lofty job application to a position well above my experience level was well received, I was given the opportunity to join MLS on a freelance basis post graduation.  I manage activity and create consistently timed content on Major League Soccer's Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts.

FC Kansas City - Social Media / Digital Content Intern | February 2016 - May 2016

Continuing to combine my passion for content and soccer, I joined the reigning National Women's Soccer League champions' digital media team to gain experience in truly running social media channels. Being in complete control of the team's Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and creating and running their Snapchat has been vital to my understanding and knowledge of a company/team's social media structure and it is something I am continuing to develop.

Swope Park Rangers - Freelance Content Producer | December 2015 - June 2016

After my three seasons with Sporting KC came to a close, I continued to stay involved with the organization while finalizing my degrees. Creating digital content for the newly created Swope Park Rangers, Sporting KC's USL team, has become a way to continue to photograph, film and edit content for the organization on a freelance basis.  

Sporting Kansas City - Communications Intern | 2012 - 2015

My first professional experience came at the hands of my hometown soccer team, Sporting Kansas City. My internship began as a photography internship taking game day photos, photos at clinics, training photos, photos at special events, etc.

The following season, I began more work in the office to create digital content for the team blog. Contributing to the "Anything But" section of the blog with fun, personal player interviews, creating new ideas of content, like the Alma Mater Quizzes, a fun game amongst the players about their alma maters, and recaps of events added with my continued team photography broadened my experiences. I also began to aid with post game press releases, contributing transcribed content to immediate press releases. I also shadowed our Digital Coordinators assisting in events involving media, including player appearances, press conferences and more.

Continuing to broaden my experiences and skills, I added creating video digital for the department to my list of duties. Some of these videos included Sporting KC Match Day, team events, and creative content like The Benny Feilhaber Show and Adventures with Soony and Dom, and more. I learned to edit videos under Sporting KC's digital manager. I learned to film shadowing Sporting Kansas City's official videographers. I also began to assist with Spanish written content as the League began to encourage more Spanish content for Spanish readers. I was given the opportunity to run the team's Tumblr and produce content for that blog.

With Sporting KC, I learned by doing. I was lucky enough to suggest an idea, and really be given the reigns to make it happen. They encouraged my varying ideas, and guided my hand with the work I wanted to do and that is something that truly helped me develop into the content creator I am today.

CONCACAF - Freelance Photographer | 2013 - 2014

Freelance work for soccer's governing body, CONCACAF, consisted of photographing Sporting Kansas City's CONCACAF Champions League Matches for the website.

The Maneater - Senior Staff Photographer | 2012- 2013

Nearly every journalism student at Mizzou takes a turn on the student run and governed newspaper, the Maneater. I took photos for two years for the paper, wrote cutlines, and really learning the journalistic take on photography. With the Maneater, I learned the type of photographer I wanted to become. I found my interest in sports, but because of the true photojournalistic photography I was required to take, I come at sports photography from that point of view. 

awards and acknowledgements

Association for Women in Sports Media, 2019 - AWSM Scholar

Major League Soccer's Video of the Year, 2014 - The Benny Feilhaber Show

Silver Award / Girl Scouts of America, 2011 - National Honor