Mr. & Mrs. Mense | 1/26/19

Mizzou Soccer has brought so many great people into my life. My first year, it brought Nici! At the time she was Mizzou Athletics nutritionist, before she made her way to the big league, with the NY Jets! She offered me the opportunity to take her wedding photos and UGH, how lucky did I get!?

She and Hunter are a such a beautiful and electric couple, every moment with them was perfect! The love between the two of them, that their friends and family have for them…you can see it, but you can feel it in these photos!

So take a look, enjoy the Mense wedding, ugh, I’m just…in love! (Best viewed in the lightbox, so give them a click, and tab through!)

Getting ready:

First looks, with dad & hubs:

Wedding Photos - Pre Ceremony



That time I was in Chicago - Lost Files

The summer of 2014, I tagged along with my best friends to the wedding of one's aunts. We had a day to explore a bit of Chicago and then the wedding itself. Upon returning home, I uploaded the photos, put them on Facebook, and called it good. And then like two days later or something, my laptop died. I lost every photo I had taken for the last three months (back up your data folks). I made some poor Apple tech employees work hard to recover them, to no avail. And it wasn't until this moment, almost two years later, that I realized I could re-download the photos from Facebook. So below are the Lost Files from Chicago, in FIVE different gallery blocks. Enjoy friends:

Here's where we break for some artsy photography I nabbed on the way to the wedding. There was a pre-nuptials (ha) tour of a local Chicago brewery, Penrose Brewing Company. Check it:

A wedding preception? Sure. Here:

The beautiful, beautiful ceremony:

And finally, a few poorly colored reception-ish photos: