2018 Seniors

Year two down for Mizzou Soccer. College athletics is so cyclical. Every year we get a new freshman class, and every year we lose a set of seniors. I'm still not used to it yet 😩

We had six seniors leave us this year, one in December and the other five this May. Take a look below at my girls. I'm so happy that we got these two years together. I need the NCAA to take a look at its rules so that I don't have to keep getting emotional at this turnover!

Kaitlyn Clark

Allie Hess

Jessica Johnson

Kristen Rivers

Savannah Trujillo

Group shots

Mizzou Soccer December Grad - Lizzy Akre

My first senior of the 2016 season is graduating in literally a few days! Lizzy, I'm gonna miss you so much! Check her out:

Mizzou Soccer's 2017 Jerseys

I've never done a kit release, and I hope this counts as one! We have two new jerseys here at Mizzou, a new white and new gold. See these jerseys in action all year long, at home at Walton Stadium and away on national channels and SEC Network +.

Freshman Tess Rellihan, Sophomore Anna Frick, R-Junior Lauren Gaston, and Senior Jessica Johnson show off the jerseys below: