2018 Seniors

Year two down for Mizzou Soccer. College athletics is so cyclical. Every year we get a new freshman class, and every year we lose a set of seniors. I'm still not used to it yet 😩

We had six seniors leave us this year, one in December and the other five this May. Take a look below at my girls. I'm so happy that we got these two years together. I need the NCAA to take a look at its rules so that I don't have to keep getting emotional at this turnover!

Kaitlyn Clark

Allie Hess

Jessica Johnson

Kristen Rivers

Savannah Trujillo

Group shots

Mizzou Soccer's 2017 Jerseys

I've never done a kit release, and I hope this counts as one! We have two new jerseys here at Mizzou, a new white and new gold. See these jerseys in action all year long, at home at Walton Stadium and away on national channels and SEC Network +.

Freshman Tess Rellihan, Sophomore Anna Frick, R-Junior Lauren Gaston, and Senior Jessica Johnson show off the jerseys below:

Mizzou Soccer 2017 Grads

My first year with Mizzou Soccer and with my graduate studies have come to an end! I'm so lucky to be with these girls and to have gotten to know them! The five 2017 seniors I had with the team are some of the best leaders I've gotten to know and I'm so excited to see where they make it in their new careers, graduate programs, and beyond! I also shot grad pics for a couple older Mizzou Soccer alums who completed their graduate programs and while I didn't get to know them very well off the field, I'm glad to be in the Mizzou Soccer family with them. We had a blast with everyone's shoots! Check them out:

Mel Donaldson

Rachel Hignett (December 2016 Grad)

Jasmine Johnson

Lauren Selaiden

Erin Webb

Brittany Conley, MA

Reagan Russell, MA


Jason's Senior Photos

Jae is one of my day ones. We graduated high school together. We went to Mizzou together. We went to UMKC together. And now we're graduating together, again. I took his senior photos because he's one of my favorite friends. Jason Edward, I'm so proud of you and I love you much: