SUPER LATE: SKC vs. FC Dallas 2-0

So this was my last game? But I didn't know it was my last game. So I'm very bummed that I didn't get to say a proper goodbye to the team, the FO, the crew, the staff, etc. that has taught me so much over these last...four, nearly five (oh my gosh) years. 

So...idk, let's feel emotional about this together:

SUPER LATE: SPR vs. OKC Energy FC 1-3

These are almost a month old, wth. Life got in the way, ya know. Doing 1,000 things at once, you can lose track of a few things.


USMNT vs. Bolivia 4-0

I've seen the USMNT play a couple of times, but I've never shot a match! And now I have! 


Actual game:

SKC vs. Orlando City SC 2-1

They came home to win! This home stand is off to a great start.

The arrivals:

The match:

SPR vs. Tulsa Roughnecks 2-1

I think I may be the Swope Park Rangers' good luck charm. We win the games I'm at... There's not enough data to prove this, but I am saying there's a strong correlation.

Take a peek: