Shadowing Sporting KC's Creative Team

Ugh. It just feels so good to be home. I interned for Sporting KC for almost my entire college careet and just being back there, on the field for a gameday was just so natural for me. The crew over there got me to where I am today, but I don't think you can ever stop learning so I tagged along with their internal video production team to learn a little more about visual storytelling.

At Mizzou Soccer, I'm tasked with making the team look good and fun and to draw viewers in. And that's what Sporting KC's internal video team does: visual storytelling. So I tagged along, shooting the shooters, and the game, and it was so fun and low pressure to not have any specific job to be doing. Sam and Jake gave me so many tips, both technical and visual. Now I just have to decide how I'm going to take these tips and implement them with the girls this coming Fall. 

But until then, enjoy some portrait lens match photos and the dinky, aimless video I put together, tagging along with Sam:

The song doesn't match but that's fine Fiesta por Bomba Estéreo