That time I was in Chicago - Lost Files

The summer of 2014, I tagged along with my best friends to the wedding of one's aunts. We had a day to explore a bit of Chicago and then the wedding itself. Upon returning home, I uploaded the photos, put them on Facebook, and called it good. And then like two days later or something, my laptop died. I lost every photo I had taken for the last three months (back up your data folks). I made some poor Apple tech employees work hard to recover them, to no avail. And it wasn't until this moment, almost two years later, that I realized I could re-download the photos from Facebook. So below are the Lost Files from Chicago, in FIVE different gallery blocks. Enjoy friends:

Here's where we break for some artsy photography I nabbed on the way to the wedding. There was a pre-nuptials (ha) tour of a local Chicago brewery, Penrose Brewing Company. Check it:

A wedding preception? Sure. Here:

The beautiful, beautiful ceremony:

And finally, a few poorly colored reception-ish photos: